Are all your products clinically proven? + -

No, the Super Brightening Serum is the only product that's clinically proven to brighten the skin and fade the appearance of hyperpigmentation. See our evidence page here

What's the difference efficacy testing and safety testing? + -

When a product is tested for efficacy, it means it's gone through a controlled test with participants and an expert managing the test and parameters to substantiate product claims.

When a product is tested for safety it means the final formulation was tested and screened for potential irritants.

How do you select the ingredients you use in your products? + -

Biotrium focuses on using actives that first and foremost, clinically proven for effectiveness for the skincare condition. Secondly, we pick actives that are bio-engineered because we don't believe we should be contributing to stripping mother nature for the sake of vanity. If we need an ingredient for a formulation that's not yet available synthetically, we will source it from providers who are certified for ethical and sustainable harvesting

Are Biotrium and Humanio cruelty-free? + -

Yes, all our products are cruelty free. We test for safety of our products in-vitro through an independent lab in the USA.

Are your products natural? + -

Natural doesn't always mean better or safe for you, or the environment. Our standard is to use safe and effective ingredients that are both synthetic and natural, enabling us to strike a balance of creating products that work fast, without contributing to the stripping of natural resources from our planet.

Are your products suitable for everyone? + -

Yes, our products are based on the skin concern you most want to improve. We are proud to say when we are testing our products, we test on all Fitzpatrick scales

What's your approach to sustainability? + -

Biotrium is commited to sustainability. We have undergone significant cost and R&D time to source packaging that's refillable to reduce waste. All our outer packaging and inserts are made from FSC certified paper meaning the manufacturers meets the gold standard in ethical production

Are your products fragrance free? + -

Some of our products are formulated with 0.02% fragrance that's allergen and irritant free from source. Look out for the ingredient 'parfum' on the INCI list listed on the packaging

Where else can I buy your products? + -

Our products are currently only sold on our website and on our verified official Amazon stores. Biotrium store on amazon is here, Humanio store is here

Are returns free? + -

Returns are free. Simply package the unopened, unused, items and let us know when you'd like it picked up and we will send a courier to collect it

Can I change my address after placing an order? + -

Yes, you have up to 2 hours to change the delivery address after you've placed your order. We reserve the right to ask for further documentation for fraud prevention IF the delivery address is different to the card holder's address.

Who do you use to deliver orders? + -

We use FedEx, Royal Mail, DHL or DPD. If you are abroad we strictly use FedEx